23 Nov 2020 – 18 Dec 2020 ONLINE HOLIDAY ENRICHMENT

Give your child a good headstart with our EdLab online holiday enrichment this coming holidays and enjoy an incentive of registration fee waiver and up to 20% OFF for early bird registration!

Learning is painless when you are having fun! Each child learns differently. Our online enrichment is designed to engage your child regardless of your child’s learning style and environment. This upcoming school holidays, let your child experience this unique online enrichment and prepare them for the future.

Holiday Programme Available


Online Holiday Enrichment Fun Chinese Word Recognition Level 1 CH101CRWR 23 Nov – 4 Dec 2020

  • Age: 5-6 years
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Does your child have difficulty learning Chinese? Our Chinese Rapid Word Recognition (CRWR-快字通) programme will introduce your child to a new but proven method of recognising Chinese characters effectively. Instead of learning discrete characters one at a time, children learn families of words as a group. Come and experience our online holiday programme!

Online Holiday Enrichment Step Up with Chinese Word Recognition Level 1 CH101SR 7 Dec  – 18 Dec 2020

  • Age: 5-6 years
  • Skill Level: Beginner

This is a continuation of Fun Chinese Word Recognition Level 1 (CH101CRWR). This holiday programme builds on the word recognition of Chinese characters from the 2 word families and introduces high frequency words to enhance your child’s reading ability of the Chinese language. Come and find out more!


Online Holiday Enrichment Fun with Coding RH102 30 Nov  – 11 Dec 2020

  • Age: 5-6 years
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Our human body thrives on engagements. Stimulation through movement is important for all, even more so for the development of young children. In this online holiday programme, your child will learn to associate between concrete body movements to learn about the concept of coding. Your child will then progress onto programming a robot to execute a sequence of instructions. Let’s have some fun!


Online Holiday Enrichment Rube Goldberg Machines SH201 30 Nov  – 11 Dec 2020

  • Age: 5-7 years
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Is your child interested in building simple and complicated machines? Is he or she always curious about many things and how things work? In this online holiday enrichment programme, your child will have the opportunity to learn many fun ways using many household items to create chain reactions. Come and find out more!

EdLab offers quality online enrichment programme with a proven effective record for your pre-schooler. Ready to engage the right programme to ignite your child’s learning journey?