Enrichment Fun With Coding Level 1-4

  • Age: 4-5 years
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Tools Provided: Unplugged (no screen time required)

Children as young as four years old can learn coding without touching a screen (no screen time such as iPad required).

Using Own Body to Execute Code

They can do this by using their own body as robot to execute the code such as move forward, turn right. They then learn progress towards their movements with symbols (such as a forward arrow on a place card). They will also learn to execute the sequence of code first with their body and subsequently by scanning the cards into a robot to execute the instructions.

Learn Concept of Coding and Logical Thinking

Young children not only learn the concept of coding and logical thinking, they also practise coordinating hand, eye and body movements as well as reinforce the concepts of left and right.

Watch a sneak peek of our Fun with Coding Enrichment Programme in action and how our pre-schoolers online are having fun while learning about the concept of coding.

Coding Unplugged

  • Learn the concept of coding by sequencing instructions (such as move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, etc.) using own’s body a s the robot
  • Progress towards using a sequence of place cards with icons (such as forward arrow or turn left arrow) to represent the movements (coding). Then execute the coding using one’s body
  • Finally learn to scan the coding cards for a toy robot to execute the instructions (without the need to use a screen)

    Learning Outcomes
    Eye-Hand Coordination:

  • Practise eye-hand coordination and body movements to complete the coding tasks
  • Direction Sense:

  • Develop better directional sense such as left and right
  • Concrete to Abstract:

  • Learn to associate between concrete body movements such as move forward, turn right with abstract symbols such as arrows
  • Logical Thinking:

  • Learn to think logically and sequentially
    • Level 1

      • Introduction to basic coding commands: Forward, Backward, Turn Right and Turn Left via fun activities
      • Learn how to follow a sequence of instructions
      • Pattern recognition through colourful mats
      • Learn how to design and lay out simple mazes
      • Learn to create new programming challenges

        Level 2

        • Learn how to programme the robot to move from a straight point to an end point
        • Learn how to programme the robot to show different facial expressions
        • Identify the use of some picture mats. Enjoy the fun of programming the robot and see the reactions of the robot
        • Create a simple story and programme the robot to move based on the story

          Level 3 & 4

          • Build, design and invent fun new robots
          • Explore what the basic robot blocks (Battery, Distance, Drive) required to build a robot, e.g. a robot train or caterpillar
          • Explore and observe how by changing the direction of the Drive robot block can cause a robot train or caterpillar to move differently
          • Learn how to build a robot train that spins around by swapping the Distance and Drive robot blocks
          • Explore more advanced robot blocks that respond to light, sound, etc.
          • Identify and form a structure
            • Build a straight-line structure
            • Build a vertical standing structure
            • Build more complex structure
          • Develop understanding through observation and inquiry
            • Once a week over 10 weeks for each module (60 mins per lesson)
            • Total: 4 modules
            • Sat | 9.15am – 10.15am
            • Minimum 5 children to start class