Enrichment Build-a-Robot

  • Age: 7-8 years
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite: Basic coding knowledge
  • Tools Provided: One set of Mabot & iPad to 2 children

Programming is the foundation of robotics, computer applications and much more.

Becoming Junior Robotics Engineers!

Our Build-a-Robot programme stretches children’s basic understanding of programming to the next level and provides them the opportunity to become junior robotics engineers!

In this programme, the children learn to build, customise and programme sophisticated robots for different purposes. A major appeal of coding is the challenge and eventual reward of seeing the code come to life. Computational thinking skills are embedded in the activities, ensuring that the children develop these skills in the process.

Build-a-Robot Programme

Coding Concepts

  • Learn advanced commands such as loop functions, events, etc.
  • Programme the robot to perform tasks

    Programming Language

    • Learn programming language to create programmes to bring the robots to life

      Mathematical Calculations

      • Verbalise and visualise mathematical concepts
      • Solve simple mathematical problems
      • Perform basic mathematical calculations through programming

        Creative Thinking & Problem-solving Skills

        • Create robots to achieve certain functions
        • Learn to think logically and creatively
        • Learn to problem-solve and overcome challenges
        • Learn and apply the concept of Computational Thinking, a logical step-by-step problem-solving method used by computer scientists to solve complex problems systematically. Steps include:
          • Abstraction (extracting the essence of a problem)
          • Decomposition (breaking a problem into smaller problems)
          • Pattern Recognition (identifying repeating patterns within the problem that can be solved in the same way)
          • Algorithm (step-by-step solution to each smaller problem)

        Teamwork & Collaborations

        • Work with others to build robots
        • Communicate and collaborate with others

          Child will build at least two robots:
          1. Search & Rescue Robot
          Your child will build a robot with a moving arm that can clear obstacles and debris to rescue victims in a disaster. In the process, your child will learn about building and controlling a simple robotic arm.

            2. Security Robot
            Your child will build a security robot with flashing lights and siren. In the process, your child will learn about controlling light and audio outputs.

            • Once a week over 10 weeks for each module (90 mins per lesson)
            • Sat | 9.30am – 11.00am
            • Minimum 5 children to start class