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You may not have heard of EdLab because we are a new name, but you may know our other pre-school brands EdnoLand, Cambridge Pre-school, ChildFirst Pre-school, and Shaws Preschool.

We are all part of Ednovation, a Singapore-based education group established since 1991 with more than 90 schools in Singapore, China, and ASEAN.

Why are our enrichment programmes unique?

All our enrichment programmes are designed by our pre-school education curriculum specialists.

What is unique about EdLab is that all our enrichment programmes are fully developed, tested and improved in our pre-schools before being offered through EdLab to you. We are pre-school education specialists and our programmes are specially designed by curriculum specialists to be age-appropriate for 4 to 7 years old children.

EdLab currently offers three enrichment programmes:

  • Chinese
  • Coding and Robotics
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths)

Chinese Enrichment

Chinese Rapid Word Recognition Enrichment Programme

Our Chinese Rapid Word Recognition programme has been used by more than 20,000 children from our own pre-schools and our partner kindergartens. Even though this is developed in Singapore, it is currently also used by more than 10,000 children in China where Chinese is their first language! EdLab is now making this available to your child.

Coding and Robotics Enrichment

Dash Robot Dance coded by pre-schoolers

For Coding and Robotics Programme, our pre-school’s children have won 1st prize in the Singapore National Coding and Robotics Competition in 2019. Our sister brand, ChildFirst Pre-school, integrates coding into their curriculum and has been voted by Parents World as the Best of the Best Pre-schools 2020 in Trilingualism (English, Chinese, Coding).

Our coding programme has also been featured in Channel News Asia (CNA) documentary series on Artificial Intelligence, “Becoming Human”(Episode 4: Real Power, segment starts at 43:58). Your child can now benefit from this award-winning Coding programme through EdLab.

STEAM Enrichment

Rube Goldberg Machine – STEAM Enrichment Programme

STEAM and STEM are buzz words in education today. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) programme is the core curriculum at our our sister brand, Cambridge Pre-schools. Voted by Parents World as the Best of the Best Pre-schools 2020 in STEAM curriculum, EdLab is now offering this programme as enrichment to all pre-schoolers.

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To minimise logistic inconvenience for parents and to maximise safety precautions for your child, our Chinese enrichment programme is conducted live online. Whilst, our Coding and Robotics, and STEAM enrichment programmes are conducted onsite in our selected Pre-schools.

Is Live Online Enrichment effective?

Many parents think that classroom lessons are more effective than online lessons. But do you really know what happens in the classroom?

5 reasons why parents choose live online learning for their children

High Transparency

In comparison, live online lessons are very transparent. Your child will be attending lessons at home and you can easily observe what is being taught and how your child is engaged in learning. Most importantly, observe if your child is enjoying the lessons.

Qualified Pre-school Teachers

Teachers are important for any enrichment program. A unique aspect of our classes is that all enrichment teachers are currently teaching these lessons in our pre-schools. They are early childhood education specialists with experience in teaching and interacting with young pre-school children.

Every teacher has at least a diploma in early childhood education approved by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). They also have experience conducting Home-Based Learning during the circuit breaker period.

Low Teacher-Child Ratio

Each live online class is limited to a maximum of 5 children. This small teacher-child ratio ensures that each child’s learning is monitored closely by the teacher, is given sufficient teacher interaction, and has opportunities for peer interactions.

Logistic Convenience

Logistic convenience is an added benefit of online enrichment. Attending in the comfort of your home means that there is no time wasted for getting your child ready and travelling to and from classes every week.

Maximise Attention Span

This at-home convenience allows us to conduct lessons twice a week and keeping each lesson to an effective length of 45-60 minutes to maximise attention span for learning.

Most classroom-based enrichment classes are 90 minutes long once a week to minimise the travelling inconvenience but 90 minutes is really a very long period for your child to stay focused and learn at such a young age.

Our Parent Company

PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2019 speech

Ednovation has been selected by Singapore government’s agency Enterprise Singapore to be one of the 25 companies for the inaugural run of the Scale-up SG programme. This programme aims to groom aspiring, high-growth local companies into global champions in their respective fields.

Ednovation is in the company of well-known local brand names like the Jumbo Group, Bee Cheng Hiang, SK Jewellery, and fellow education group EtonHouse International.

South East Asia

Founder and CEO of Ednovation

Dr Richard Yen is a Harvard University PhD who has extensive experience in high-tech innovation, management and venture investment in Silicon Valley, Boston, Singapore and China. He is also an entrepreneur and has been involved in early childhood education for 28 years. He has been invited speaker at numerous conferences, as well as a visionary and is a gifted teacher, who able to explain difficult concepts simply.

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